Blackwood Golf Club has helped me fulfill a lifelong ambition to play golf. On retirement I checked the club website and found that lessons for beginners were available, and the descriptions of coaches were very helpful. I began with lessons and practice on the great facilities and found everyone to be very friendly making me feel welcome very quickly. I became a member 2 months later and was amazed that accomplished members invited me to play with them and did not care that I was just a beginner. After 6 months of membership, I have commenced playing in the Tuesday women’s competition and am steadily improving as a golfer.

Cheryl B (attended GiG and joined BGC in 2021)

The ‘Give Golf a Go’ program offers new golfers like myself a fun and relaxed environment to learn the basics as well as meet other new players. Within weeks we were out on the course and six months on I now have a network of about 20 other new golfers always looking for a game (and that was through the winter months!) I really can’t say enough about the atmosphere at Blackwood Golf Club. It is an incredibly welcoming club with a wonderfully social vibe. Offering a challenging course, with something for players of all levels, it is only a short 20 minute drive from home (Mitcham) up the hill to this picturesque setting.

Amanda C (joined August 2019 )

I did GGaG at Blackwood Golf Club in February 2015. I had never played golf so it was a fun way to be instructed in how to play, to connect with other beginners, and to meet other club members as I took my first steps out on the course. Later that year I joined the club, and very quickly was able to participate in regular ladies competitions. For me, it ticks so many boxes – exercise in a beautiful environment, Membership of a friendly inclusive club and flexibility of participation. Love it!

Robin (attended GGaG in February 2015 and joined later that year)

Encouraged by my partner’s enthusiasm for her newly discovered GOLF, I decided to also Give Golf a Go. The clinics with Matt were really beneficial & engaging. Then the follow up rounds on the course with Con were both inspirational & great fun. I’m really looking forward now to my retirement, with the time to play more, and to get to know some of those friendly faces

Ian (attended GGaG in 2017 and joined BGC at the end of March 2018)