Men’s Golf

Blackwood Golf Club has come a long way since 1920 when Roy Thurgood, Reg Bradley and Bob Chapman hacked out four golf holes overlooking a recreation ground at Hawthorndene using partly buried old fruit tins for holes.   These men became the founding fathers of our club and possibly our first ever men to become members when Blackwood Golf Club was established in the early 30’s.

Daily competitions are run throughout the year with the Proshop running the competition on Monday, Thursday and Friday and the club running the competition on other days.  You don’t have to enter a competition to play golf with the exception of Saturdays when the competition is compulsory.

Whatever the membership, our men’s competition program provides the male golfer with varying challenges to suit individual skill levels. Blackwood has five championship events, including the open and junior championships, graded championships, an open Senior Championship, and the Foursomes. Men are also presented with trophy events, 15 of them in total, in a range of formats including stroke, stableford and par. Prizes are also given for daily competitions during the year.

Junior Gerries and Gerries

These groups play on Wednesdays and play 18 holes. Members with 5, 6 or 7 day membership are eligible to play. Both groups can book within their time slot – 11.00am – 11.07am for Gerries and 11.14 – 11.28am for Junior Gerries. Prior to hitting off, a ball up is conducted to determine playing groups and tee times.

Saints and Sinners

Playing on Wednesdays off the Blue tees, the Saints and Sinners tee off around 12 noon. This is probably the largest and youngest of the Wednesday groups, catering for all standards of golfing ability. This is the more social of the midweek competition with a lot of emphasis on the after golf mateship.

Men’s A and B Pennant Teams

The pennant season runs through May, June, July. Those who have been a financial member of the club for at least three (3) months prior to the first day of the competition and who have playing rights allowing entry into the club championship, are eligible to play. There is no handicap limit.

Men’s Senior Pennants

This pennant season runs from August to November. Finals are subsequently played. For members 55 years of age and older, this competition is open to all membership categories

For older players, gold tees, which significantly shorten the course, are available.

Twilight Golf

In summer there is a popular 9 hole mixed Twilight competition on Thursday afternoons followed by dinner and prize-giving which is run by the Social Committee.