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Blackwood Golf Club is jumping with Juniors, driving, chipping, putting and working to develop the physical skills of golf in a fun orientated atmosphere. Activities are designed for maximum participation and enjoyment.

Here at the club we run MyGolf Junior Golf Programs to encourage the golfers of the future. One of the main aims of the program is to engender a lifelong love of golf. Some Juniors may go on to play golf seriously and at an elite level; others may play socially or casually. As well as developing physical skills, the regular clinics and holiday sessions cover rules, etiquette and techniques of the game, so that Juniors are well prepared to be able to participate in games and competitions when they are ready. We also get them out on the course as part of the program to practice what they have learnt.

Becoming a Junior Member gives you access to regular supervised competitions and of course access to the course 7 days a week.

MyGolf Junior Program

Blackwood Golf Club is an accredited MyGolf Centre. MyGolf is a great way to learn golf for children aged between 5 to 12.

It is based on fun and games rather than drills. The idea being children develop a love of golf and want to continue.

Phone the office on 8388 2313 for more information or go straight to the MyGolf website to register for future sessions at Blackwood or to find out more.

Junior Membership

Blackwood Golf Club offers 7 Day* membership for juniors to 17 years. Only $100 for juniors 15 and younger and $200 for Juniors 16-17. Juniors under 18 are not required to pay the $50.00 application fee.

Part of our Junior membership also includes access to a regular Junior competition.

We also accept sports school vouchers toward the cost of memberships.

To learn more call the office on 8388 2313.

*Play on Saturday morning with a GA handicap only.

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    ** Only available to Give Golf a Go graduates

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