Dress Code

The Course & all Practice Facilities

Clothing must be appropriate for golf on the course and all practice facilities. Men are expected to wear pants or shorts.  Shorts with side pockets are permitted (cargo pants).  Women are expected to wear pants, three quarter pants, shorts or skirts.  Shirts must have a collar unless designed as golf attire, such as mock neck or round neck golf shirts.  Women are permitted to wear sleeveless golf shirts.

Denim jeans, active wear (e.g. lycra pants/shorts), T-shirts, tank tops, pool wear, tracksuits and football type shorts are not permitted nor is clothing with excessive advertisings or offensive logos.

Soft spike or flat soled training shoes must be worn and socks are required.

The Clubhouse

Dress, which is acceptable for wearing on the course, is also suitable for the clubhouse. All patrons are required to wear clean, neat and tidy attire in the clubhouse at all times.

Jeans are permitted in the clubhouse provided they are not ripped.  T-shirts, tracksuits, cut off shorts or shirts (singlets) are not permitted.

Golf shoes are permitted in the clubhouse.

Caps, visors and hats may not be worn upstairs.

The Club reserves the right to maintain and enforce proper standards of dress both on the course, all practice facilities and in the clubhouse.   It is also accepted that there will be times when visitors to the Club do not meet the expectations of this dress code such as corporate or novelty events.   Decisions regarding the relaxing of this dress code under these circumstances shall be at the discretion of the General Manager.

Revision Date: 21/12/20