New World Handicap System

The new World Handicap System (WHS) will kick in on Thursday 30 January 2020. Here are some
important points you all need to know.
Pre 30 January 2020
• Golf Link will be offline from Monday morning 27 January and re-connection will begin in the
early hours of Thursday 30 January. The GOLF Link system will recalculate your handicaps
during this time.
• The last handicapping of competitions will be undertaken last thing on Sunday night, 27
• The handicap calculated on Sunday night 27 January will be the handicap you will play off
between Monday morning and Thursday.
• Members playing on Saturday and or Sunday MUST ensure they scan their cards promptly
upon finishing their rounds.
• Cards will be printed for competitions during the offline period in the normal fashion. Your
handicap will not change nor will any of your rounds be handicapped during this period.
• Scanning and leaderboard facilities should not be affected.
• Our golf management provider has warned that there may be some interruption to our service
whilst they update the software. They will be doing this work out of hours but we may have to
manually handle the score cards now and again so be patient please.
Post 30 January 2020
• During Thursday 30 January reconnection to GOLF Link will be staggered across the day.
• Look up charts for the new handicaps will be available at the pro shop, in the office and also
on our web site Policies & Publications page. Once you get your new GA handicap you will
be able to see what your daily handicap will be off each of the tees.
• Sometime on Thursday 30 January our golf management system will integrate with the new
handicap system. This will mean that when cards are issued they will have all the relevant
data to provide you with your new daily handicap. Handicapping of comps will resume once
this integration has taken place.
• Golf Australia has set the GA handicap limit for men and women at 54. The Match Committee
has recommended that the maximum daily handicap for men and women will also be 54. So
as of 30 January 2020, the current club daily handicap of 36 for men and 45 for women will no
longer be in force.
• Your daily handicap will be calculated differently. It’s automatic, so there is nothing you need to
do. However, you need to know that your daily (or playing) handicap will be determined, in
part, by the tee on which you are playing. You can all see what the differences will be by
checking the look up charts.

Keith Parry-Jones APM

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