COVID-19 Update – 6 August

• From early July many GA golfing events resumed. You can check this out at the GA website (events link).
• Vardons and Senior Order of Merit events in SA are not being held this year.
• The SA Men’s and Women’s Senior Amateur Champs (55 years or over) will be held at Links Lady Bay 7-9 September 2020. Entries are open now and close 24 August. You can book on line on GA website
• The SA Men’s and Women’s Amateur Champs will be held at Mt Osmond between 28 September and 2 October 2020. Entries open 10 August. Book on line on GA website.


Scanning your own cards will return as of Saturday 8 August 2020. The R&A has preserved the temporary exemption to the rule of golf regarding scoring your own card and we have likewise kept this as a practice. Please follow the following procedures, and thank you all, without exception for your cooperation and support for our efforts to keep us open for business:

• Mark your own card as before. Record your partner’s card and confirm your scores at the end of the round. Place a cross in the markers box (scanner needs something there to scan). Do not hand your card to anyone else.
• Enter pro shop and maintain social distancing. Please do not crowd. If there are players in there already, wait outside until safe to enter.
• Scan your card as you did before. Place card in basket under screen.
• Go upstairs and get a beer, Jack Daniels, Sparkling White, or Wine or whatever and tell your mates how good you are!!!!
• The scanning touch screen will be regularly sanitized during the day.

Our thanks to the volunteers over the last several months who have assisted us in this chore (scanning).


Many of you have asked if they can get a sand bucket to help keep the divots filled but have unable to source any from the club. Steve Pellatt has sanitized a large number of buckets and they are with the pro shop. If you need one, ask, put your name on it and keep it. Oh and fill in the divots.

Keith Parry-Jones APM