COVID-19 Update – 28 August

Message from the Captain:
Covid Update 28 August 2020:    

  • Bunkers and Rakes
  • Flagsticks
  • Ball Washers
  • NTP’s (including superpin)

The General Committee has agreed to relax most of the COVID 19 playing restrictions after assessing both State emergency management and medical advice.   There remains the requirement for social distancing and personal hygiene to be maintained.  Effective Saturday 29th August 2020 the following restrictions will be removed.

Bunkers and Rakes
Rakes will be returned to bunkers and the temporary rule of preferred lies (in bunkers) is removed.  We have got used to not raking bunkers so please get right back into the habit and rake the sand before leaving the bunker.  Place rake teeth down in sand with handle running in the direction of the fairway.

The noodles will be removed from the hole and players will be permitted to remove the stick before putting.   You are also permitted to leave the flag in the hole to putt if you wish. 

Ball Washers
Covers will be removed and ball washers will be available.

Graded NTP’s will return to all par 3s.   The Superpin on Saturday on the 14th will also be available.   Birdies on the nominated par 4s will be discontinued.

We recommend you use gloved hand to remove the flagstick or invest in some alcohol wipes and use one to handle the stick.  Alternatively carry hand sanitiser in your bag and regularly use it on your hands during the round.

The lowest marker will be the group leader.  We ask him/her to monitor and police general golfing etiquette such as raking sand, pace of play, basic rules of golf, and simple Covid-19 distancing and hygiene rules.

Keith Parry-Jones APM

28 August 2020