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Golf Rules

Local Rules

Blackwood’s Local Rules are printed on the back of the scorecard. These as well as the Temporary Local Rules are displayed on the notice board located under the balcony.

Compulsory Competitions

Due to high demand for spots on the booking sheet during competition times, the following days/times are compulsory to enter the club competition:

  • Tuesday before 12pm
  • Wednesday all day
  • Thursday Twilight golf
  • Saturday all day
  • Sunday morning field (from 7am to 8.40am).

The only exception to this rule is if there is an alternative competition authorised by the Club or Women’s Captain (e.g. match play).

Countback Rules
  • Countbacks – 36 holes
    • Best score in the last 18 holes – then follow 18 hole countback below.
  • Countbacks – 18 holes
    • Best score in the last 9 holes (regardless of which 9 was played first)
    • Best score in the last 6 holes
    • Best score in the last 3 holes
    • Best score in the last hole
    • If still no result, go hole by hole from the 18th.
Rules of Play
  • All competitors in Club competitions have equal rights regardless of the number of players in the group. Groups of FOUR are the maximum number.
  • For the rules relating to hosting visitors, refer to the Visitor Hosting Guide.
  • All members are required to display (on their golf bag) their Membership Category Identification disc obtainable from the office.
  • When a booking sheet is not in operation, order of play will be in the order in which groups arrive on the tee ready for play after first reporting to the Pro Shop.

Golf Info

Results and Prizes

Competition results are published on the Club’s website (under Member Login) and prizes are collected from the Pro Shop.

Tee Markers
  • Blue – Blue tee markers are used for the men’s competitions on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • White – White tee markers are used on weekdays (excluding Wednesdays), unless otherwise specified.  Women can can opt to play off the white makers on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Gold – Gold tee markers are available each day and members electing to play off them will be playing in a separate competition to the rest of the field. Please refer to local rules.
  • Red – Red tee markers are used for most women’s competitions.
  • Orange – For a shorter course ideal for juniors and any new golfers, the orange tees provide a great option.

As soon as practicable after the completion of a round, each player should scan his/her scorecard through the scanner located in the Pro Shop. If after hours, cards must be left under the Pro Shop door. Twilight cards to be scanned in the main bar after your round. The cards are to then be placed in the box at the end of the bar.
It is the responsibility of all players to ensure that the correct score is recorded for each hole and the card bearing their name is signed.

  • The system of handicapping in the Club is as per the guidelines of Golf Australia.
  • Players must have an official GA Handicap to enter any competition.
  • Cards must be returned from all competition rounds. This includes incomplete rounds. Please mark your card if you leave the course due to illness / injury / inclement weather or an emergency.
  • All scores in 18-hole and stipulated 9-hole single rounds (as defined by the Club), Golf Australia (GA) and state-authorised competitions played at an affiliated Club from GA tees under the Rules of Golf must be used for handicapping purposes.
  • Handicaps are calculated by GOLF Link from the best 8 of the player’s previous 20 scores. Handicaps no longer lapse.
  • Current information is available on the Golf Australia website or via the Golf Australia app.
  • Concerns regarding any handicap issues please refer to the Blackwood Golf Club Match Committee.

Players shall not play chip shots to any green other than the practice green at the western end of the clubhouse.

Golf Competition Formats

This describes how various competitions are played.

  • Stableford: This is the most common competition. Rather than counting the total number of strokes taken, as in stroke play, it involves scoring points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole.  Refer to How to does Stableford Scoring work on the Getting Started page.
  • Stroke Play: A competition based on the total number of strokes taken, where each player competes against the rest of the field.  Handicap is deducted to calculate the nett score.
  • Par: It is a stroke play format played against the course, with match play scoring based on the number of strokes taken on each hole compared to a fixed score based on handicap.  The winner is the player with the highest differential of holes “won” to holes “lost”. 
  • Ambrose: Play consists of teams of four. Each player’s drive must be used at least three times. All tee off. One ball is selected for the second shot. Players place their ball within one club length either side of the ball no nearer the hole through the green. When putting on the green the ball is placed within 1 putter-head length no nearer the hole. Play continues in this manner until the ball is holed out. Record initials of player’s drive used on card on each hole. Handicap allowance is 1/8 of combined. (There are variations of Ambrose with exclusion rules preventing the person who hit the best ball from hitting the next one.)
  • Four Ball Better Ball: Two players play as partners each counting points on holes as in a Stableford competition. The best stableford score of the partnership per hole counts towards the team score.
  • Foursomes: Two players play as partners and use one ball. Partners hit off alternately from the tee and hit the ball alternatively during the play of each hole. Women use their own tees when it is their turn to play. Handicap allowance is ½ of combined.
  • Canadian Foursomes: Played as Foursomes except that BOTH players play tee shots at every hole. One ball is selected and play proceeds as in Foursomes. The partner of the ball owner plays the selected ball. Handicap allowance is ½ of combined.
  • Pinehurst: Both players play tee shots at each hole then play a second stroke with their partner’s ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in Foursomes with the owner of the ball selected playing the third stroke. Handicap allowance is ½ of combined.
  • Match Play: This can be played in a number of forms including singles and foursomes and can be played off-the-stick or using handicaps. Refer to the Match Play Guidelines.
Buggies and Storage

Application for the use of privately owned four wheel, two seater motorised carts including two and three wheel ride on bikes must be made in writing to the Committee. Applicants will be placed on the waiting list as is applicable at the time. Permission will be given at the discretion of the Committee. No other person will be permitted to drive the cart at any time. Approval for storage on the Club’s premises when available may be given by the Committee after paying the appropriate annual fee.
No part-share of a cart stored on Club premises may be sold to another person without the written permission of the Committee of Management.
Note: Any equipment stored is at owner’s risk. Golf club and buggy storage is available and administered by the Club through the office.

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