16th Hole

Men 398m / Par 4

This is an interesting hole and plays much shorter than the card distance for most players. A sharp dogleg left, from the back tees players who can carry 200m can easily take the tee shot across the edge of the dogleg leaving a shot of around 160 – 170m. For those who can carry at least 220m then taking the tee shot a across the trees on a tighter line is the preferred option. A strong tee shot across the trees can leave a short iron into a picturesque green surrounded by a curtain of large pine trees. The shot into the green must be precise, there is no bail out except for shots played short right. Regardless of the line taken from the tee this is an excellent hole and par is always a good result.

Ladies 327m / Par 4

Long hitters can easily clear the trees and cut the corner for a short shot in. The rest of us will have to go the long way round. Stay high on the fairway as most balls will run down. Highly recommend you avoid the left green side bunker and avoid going over the back.

16th Hole Diagram