12th Hole

Men 410m / Par 4

Uphill from the tee for around 180m to a plateau and then sharply downhill from around 230m. Long hitters can take full advantage with a drive carrying 230m – 240m and achieve another 50 – 100m of run down the hill, but a deep bunker on the right of the fairway at 220m from the tee catching any leaked drive to the right will remove any chance of hitting the green for two. Average length hitters will reach the plateau and be rewarded with a downhill second to a large green but beware the pond protecting the front of the green waiting for any poorly struck shot.

Ladies 385m / Par 5

An easy hole for the long hitters as a good drive will go over the hill for an easy pitch into the green. For everyone else you will need a good drive and a good second to get to the bottom of the hill for an easy pitch in.

12th Hole Diagram